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Plose Brixen Dolomites

Provisions for Passengers
ROLLBOB® Plosebob



  1. The present provisions for passengers are part of the transportation agreement. They apply to the transport of persons and regulate behaviour in the area of the facility.
  2. Violation of the provisions for passengers may also entail consequences under liability law.
  3. With the purchase of the ticket each user accepts undeniably the provisions for passengers.
  4. Every user rides on this sports facility at his or her own risk. The instructions of the staff must be followed. Failure to comply with the provisions for passengers will result in prohibition of use.
  5. Persons under influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances (e.g. medications that dampen brain function) who do not comply with the present provisions for passengers or the additional measures taken by the operator to ensure safety and order, or who are obviously unable to do so due to their particular physical or mental condition, are excluded from use.
  6. Entry to the facility is only permitted at the designated entrances. The operator may exclude single passengers for safety reasons on the base for example of stature, limitations of mental or physical nature, pregnancy, etc. The refusal of admission happens exclusively on safety reasons and is not intended as discrimination of any kind.
  7. Passengers have to behave properly. Putting at risk the public safety and that of other passengers, the destruction of any kind of infrastructures, bad behaviour, the non-compliance with the present provisions, etc. may lead to the exclusion from the premises without no right for refund.
  8. It is forbidden to damage the installations, the operating equipment and the bobsleighs, to create obstacles to the ride, to set the installation in motion without authorisation, to operate the equipment serving the operation or the prevention of accidents without authorisation or to carry out other actions that disrupt or endanger the operation of the installation. Furthermore, any intentional damage will be reported to the police.
  9. Users may only start and end their ride at the designated places.
  10. Use of the facility is only permitted with the company’s own bobsleighs.
  11. Smoking and handling of naked lights and fire is strictly prohibited in the access and exit areas and in the bobsleigh.
  12. Accidents must be reported immediately to the operating staff.
  13. Riding on the track is only permitted if the safety equipment on the bobsleigh is used properly.
  14. The starting intervals ordered by the staff have to be respected.
  15. Seat belts have to be fastened during the whole roundtrip.
  16. Animals, umbrellas, poles, backpacks or other large or dangerous objects are not allowed on the bobsleigh.
  17. Loose garments as well as long hair have to be kept away from the tracks or from the rollers of the bobsleigh.
  18. It is strictly forbidden to lean out of the bobsleigh with arms, legs or any other part of the body. Do not touch the track.
  19. A prudent driving style must be observed (e.g. braking in good time, maintaining minimum distances, entering at the end of the lane at walking speed, choosing a speed that does not endanger yourself or others).
  20. It is strictly forbidden to collide with the bobsleigh in front. The pilot colliding from the back is legally responsible for damages to persons or objects.
  21. Do not ride too slowly and stop only in case of emergency.
  22. The upper body must always face in the direction of travel – do not turn over, lie down, kneel or stand.
  23. Signs along the track have to be respected. Keep your eyes on the tracks ahead.
  24. The pilot must keep both hands on the braking levers at all times.
  25. Children from the age of 3 to 9 years (completed) may only use the bob in company of an adult person (>18 years). Children from the age of 10 and a minimum height of 1.30 m are allowed to ride the bob on their own. Finally, two children are allowed to ride the bob together provided that both are 14 years of age (completed).
  26. The person in charge sits in the back. The pilot must have free view ahead.
  27. Each bobsleigh may be loaded with up to 2 persons with a maximum overall weight of 160 kg.
  28. In case of rain, snow or ice the pilot has to adapt the driving style to the particular conditions, keeping in mind the extended braking distance. The necessary measures – reduce driving speed and increase distance – must be observed.
  29. Photos of passengers are taken during the ride. All photos taken are automatically deleted from our servers within 24 hours of being taken.
  30. Final Provision: In case of discrepancies between the different language versions of the present provisions for passengers the Italian version is legally binding.





Operator: Plose Ski S.p.A

Via della Funivia 17, 39042 Bressanone, Italy


Manufacturer: Mountain Innovations GmbH

Josef-Wallner-Straße 5, 94469 Deggendorf, Germany


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