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Last update 08/09 / 03:05
open slopes/lifts
Last update 08/09 / 03:05
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Due to construction work the mountaincarts are no longer available in summer 2022. Skyline closed until September 2022
Ski Rental

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For all those who want to book their Equipment right away: Online booking.

Book online and try out different materials once you are in the ski resort. Rent and Go has more than 80 rental stations in Italy’s major ski resorts. Founded by a team of former top athletes of the “Valanga Azzurra”: Erwin Stricker, Kurt and Gerhard Ladson Königsrainer. Each Rent and Go-hire offers a special counseling, which allows the customer to choose the right equipment for him. Our biggest concern is to give you a various choice and above all to ensure safe fun on the snow.

By online booking your equipment you can comfortably book your skiers, boots, toboggans and many other things from home and be sure you will find everything ready when you get to the ski Resort.

Ski Rental Plose

Winter equipment rental – Sportservice Erwin Stricker


Rent and Go – Sportservice Erwin Stricker

Tel. +39 0472 850 077 (Bottom Station of Cable Car  in St. Andrä/S. Andrea)

Tel. +39 0472 521 407 (Valley Station Chairlift Pfannspitz -Afers/Eores)

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