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We will be back soon.
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Start of Winter Season: 4th December

Perfect slopes

Snow and ski magic on the Plose

The most beautiful views of the Dolomites!

The slopes are characterized by both, good preparation and a large variety of difficulty levels. Beginners, experienced skiers and proven freestylers – there are all kinds of slopes and variations for everybody.

Here below you find a list of all pistes on the Plose. Depending on the snow and weather conditions additional variants of pistes can be prepared. These are, however, not enlisted below.

N.NameConditionDifficulty levelLengthAltitude difference
1.TrametschclosedDifficult8190 m983 m
2.Plose 1closedEasy3900 m292 m
2.Plose 2closedMedium1000 m50 m
2.Plose 3closedEasy2000 m98 m
2.Erler closedEasy1200 m90 m
4.PalmschossclosedMedium2400 m352 m
6.CAIclosedDifficult3600 m270 m
7.Plose Ost closedMedium900 m130 m
7A.BärenlochclosedDifficult900 m130 m
8.QuerfahrtclosedEasy1000 m122 m
9.TrainingspisteclosedEasy2000 m144 m
10.Rossalm 1closedEasy4800 m315 m
10.Rossalm 2closedMedium1000 m160 m
11.Pfannspitz 1closedMedium2900 m288 m
11.Pfannspitz 2closedMedium1300 m180 m
18.Crazy HorseclosedDifficult800 m120 m
12.Familienabfahrt closedEasy2200 m315 m
12A.FamilienabfahrtclosedEasy1800 m150 m
14.Randötsch rightclosedEasy300 m34 m
14.Randötsch leftclosedEasy300 m34 m

Blue runs for beginners

Beginner slopes at the Kinderland near to the base station

The practice and school slope at the Randötsch lift is ideal for the first few hours on skis. On two conveyor carpets of different lengths, you will be repeatedly brought up on the little hill. Then, when you are able to swing your first turns, you can take the ski lift a bit further up and overcome longer distances. This is also the best place for children to let off steam and play around. A small hut ensures fun even during breaks.

The Kinderland is at a very short distance from the valley station of the gondola lift and the parking places.

Blue slopes in the resort

The Plose has numerous simple, broad and well clear slopes. Spread over the entire ski area they promise variety and fun on almost 20km. Thanks to its great network you can explore the whole ski area on the blue runs and always discover new ways to improve your style.

Red runs for experienced skiers

A variety of red slopes (9,5 km) is waiting for advanced skiers who get along well with long or short steep slopes. The skiers will find the well prepared sunny slopes and great views.

Black runs for experts

Among the black runs, the n° 6, the Neue Plose run is probably the greatest challenge. Here even really good skiers can show what they can do. The black runs require a certain level of technique and good physical condition, offering, on the other hand,  great ski moments.

The Trametsch

The Trametsch, with its 9 km length and 1,400 m height, is and will remain a personal challenge for any skier. In any case the Trametsch  is too great to be tried only as way back to the valley station in the evening.

New in the Season 2019/20: Crazy Horse

It is probably one of the most beautiful pistes in the whole region, the new “Crazy Horse” race track on the Pfannspitz. The black piste (piste no. 88) is dedicated to racing legend Erwin Stricker and should be to his taste: steep and fast with a sensational panoramic view.