The lift installations are
closed. We reopen on 2020/06/13
Last update 05/27 / 07:15
The lift installations are
closed. We reopen on 2020/06/13
Last update 05/27 / 07:15
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The start of the summer season is scheduled for 13th June 2020

Brixen Bike

Brixen is the number one rewarding bike hotspot for mountain bikers south of the Brenner Pass. This is where town, country and flow meet sunny dispositions, clear weather from April to November and a sincere culture of welcome.

Brixen has been hosting the MOUNTAIN BIKE FESTIVAL since 2012, since 2017 it is a stage stop for the Shimano E-MOUNTAINBIKE experience, and, in 2018, Brixen Bikepark opened its lines.

Brixen Bikepark_1

Brixen Bikepark. To be ridden!

Since 2018 Brixen Bikepark is open, and mountain bikers are impressed with the flow and whistler feeling. Not without reason: After all, the whistler makers of Gravity Logic personally took manners – or excavators – in hand. The men from Gravity Logic are masters of their trade and know exactly what fun it is to whom. There are now four dream lines waiting for you.

All lines are within reach of the Plose gondola lift from St. Andrea/St. Andrä, starting right from the mountain station lift exit. Take the Palmschoß chairlift to return from the Jerry Line, the Hammer Line and the Palm Pro Line to the top station.

Brixen Bikepark Opening Times will be published soon

For information about the opening times of gondola lift Plose and chairlift Palmschoss please click here.

The Lines

Jerry Line Length: 4,2 km | Difference in altitude: 300 m | Average incline: 7 % | Level of difficulty: green
The Jerry Line is easy. Jerry, the creator of the line who also gave it its name, has never designed it too steep, never too rough and never to tight: It is simply ideal for beginners and kids.

Hammer Line Length: 1,9 km | Difference in altitude: 165 m | Average incline: 8,5 % | Level of difficulty: blue
Thanks to a few jumps and some nice back and forth action, the Hammer Line guarantees airtime and variety at a length of 1.9 km and 165 metres of height. This line is sensational – it is awesome fun.

Palm Pro Line Length: 2,5 km | Difference in altitude: 265 m | Average incline: 11 % | Level of difficulty: red
The Palm Pro Line is hand built from top to bottom and a dream for fans of challenging lines. The line challenges advanced riders with some features, jumps and steeper passages. The length of 2.5 km is more than impressive for a hand-built line. The Palm Pro Line is one of the most demanding lines inside Brixen Bikepark .

Sky Line (Ex Plose Single Trail) Length: 6,6 km | Difference in altitude: 900 m | Average decline: 13 % | Level of difficulty: red
The Sky Line has the longest tradition in Brixen Bikepark. It is the oldest and also the longest line in the park. It is well and truly fast, due to its length demanding in term of fitness, and it requires a good control and the ability to ride safely. The line starts at the mountain Station of the Plose gondola lift and leads over nearly 1000 metres down to the bottom station. On the ride down into the valley, bikers have the benefit of a breathtaking panoramic view to Brixen.

Brixen Bikepark


Bike and more

Rent a Bike

Sportservice Erwin Stricker rents out mountainbikes, electric bikes and downhill bikes with protective equipment.
For information please contact Sportservice Erwin Stricker
phone +39 0472 850077,  Cell phone 329 5943359

Bikeguides and Bikeschools

BrixBike | Regensburger Allee 9 – 39042 Brixen |+39 0472 835 154 / |
PloseBike | Seilbahnstr. 17 – 39042 St. Andrä/Brixen | +39 339 6445 548 / |

Respect is a matter of honour for every biker

Many of the farmers living on the slopes oft he Plose still work their meadows and woods. That’s why you all are asked to respect the work of these people by staying on the official bike trails. Especially during harvest time and when the cattle is out on the meadows, there is a certain risk. Please be aware and pay respect. Thank you!

Ride Fair

1. Riding the mountain-bike is at your own risk.
2. Only ride on indicated bike lines. Leaving marked bike lines leads to the withdrawal of the lift ticket.
3. A helmet is required for all riders in the Bikepark (full face helmet recommended). Wear appropriate clothing and protectors.
4. Your mountain-bike must be free of any technical faults. Use of Enduro-, Downhill-, Freeride- or All-Mountain Bike recommended.
5. Please follow the indications of the Bikepark staff as well as of all signs, including line closures.
6. At intersections between bike lines and paved roads art. 145 of the highway code is applied.
7. Respect other visitors, the land and the wildlife.
8. Absolute ban on alcohol.