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open slopes/lifts
Last update 12/09 / 21:28
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Plose Looping

The Eye on the Dolomites

Get on the bike and ride the looping of your life. Plose Looping is most probably the highest looping in the world: on a height of 2000m. Right next to the top station of the cable car Plose it also offers spectacular views on the majestic Dolomites.

The mobile structure has been installed at the end of July 2016 and has a diameter of 7m. Usually it takes some time until you get the right speed, then you can do as many loopings as you wish.

Plose Looping near Brixen

Highlight Plose Looping – Brixen Tourismus © Helmut Moling

PLOSE LOOPING – the double attraction

Loop-the-loop creates exciting thrill rides. The Plose looping on Brixen’s local mountain is no different. It is an exciting bike ride with the most beautiful scene of the Dolomites in the background. The special feature of the loop with the bicycle is based on a simple principle: pedal as fast as possible not to roll backwards again before the highest point of the ring has been reached. During the 360-degree loop you will find yourself upside down for a short time. “Energy conservation” is the correct term from physics for this phenomenon. But energy does not come from nowhere. The best way is to find out for yourself. Loop the loop!

Have a closer look  here.

The use is free for all holders of a valid lift ticket.