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Last update 08/09 / 03:18
open slopes/lifts
Last update 08/09 / 03:18
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Due to construction work the mountaincarts are no longer available in summer 2022. Skyline closed until September 2022
Let’s set the example

New: Take me home

Together with the South Tyrolean Artists’ Association, a project was implemented in 2022 to sensitise all guests on the Plose, and especially those on the WoodyWalk, to the need for a clean mountain. The sculptures by AliPaloma and Mirijam Heiler serve as rubbish bins for hikers. The simple shape of the house is reminiscent of the custom of bringing the rubbish home from the mountain. To protect the planet, our only home.

(c) Alipaloma_Take me home

Take me home – © AliPaloma

Let’s set the example!

Nature is close to our hearts, especially in the mountains. We want to create awareness for the special things it brings with it. Respect, appreciation, enjoyment and conscious experience should accompany our days on the Plose.

Respectful towards each other

There are hikers and mountain bikers on the Plose. We respect each other.

Regional and good

Find regional products in the restaurants on Mount Plose.

High-quality water – Refill your bottle

Avoid plastic bottles – our pure drinking water makes it possible! Fill up your personal bottle at the 34 drinking fountains in the city and on the Plose. Forgot your bottle? Get your Brixen Refill
stainless steel bottle at the bottom station of the cable car Plose or in one of the huts. For more information please visit


The huts on the Plose have already banned all plastic water bottles from the mountain in 2019 and are happy to refill your bottle . For the quality of the water with 0km – for the environment.

Refill your bottle on the Plose - © Brixen Tourismus

Refill your bottle – © Brixen Tourismus

From left to right: Peter Hinteregger (Rossalm), Alessandro Marzola (Plose Ski SpA), Josef Unterrainer (Stadtrat, Gemeinde Brixen), Michael Jocher (Sport Jocher), Martin Messner (Halslhütte) Herbert Niederkofler (Geisleralm), Pauli Pescosta (La Finestra), Alexander Kerer (Plosestodl), Rosi Ellemund (Trametschhütte), Franz Perntaler (Schatzerhütte), Ossi Prader (Pfannspitzhütte)