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open slopes/lifts
Last update 09/30 / 17:36
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Sky Line closed. Hiking trails nr. 17 + 5 closed between top station and bottom station of Plose gondola lift.
Hikes >5 Hours

Proposals for Hikes of more than 5 Hours

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”
(Barry Finlay)

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Hikes in South Tyrol

Hiking in the Dolomites – Brixen Tourismus © Photo Gruener

Overview of hiking tours

Dolomites Panoramic Trail14 km870 m5-6 h
Peitlerkofel – Schlüterhütte17 km1200 m/900 mca. 7 h

Here you will find detailed descriptions of the mountain hikes and mountain tours.

Dolomites Panoramic Trail

Circular route with fantastic views of landscapes and surrounding mountains on the eastside of the Plose. The Dolomites are at hand and as impressive as you can imagine. The trail is mostly in alpine territory, above the woods and there are alternatives for the way back to the gondola lift.

Height difference in ascent and descent : 870 m, path nr. 17, 17a, 14, 14a, and back on path Nr. 4, 17a, 14 or  8, 17.

Desription: From the mountain station of the gondola lift you turn southeastwards to the chapel and continue on route N° 17 across alpine meadows. At the bifurcation follow path n° 17A (left hand side) passing by the old Rossalm, you will reach the higher new Rossalm (2200 m). From here continue on path Nr. 14 until you reach the Gampenwiesen and the Putzjoch.  Follow path nr. 14a to turn back again until shortly before Schatzerhütte.

The way back can be taken either following path nr. 4 until you reach Rossalm and then path Nr. 14 back to the gondola lift. Or you take path Nr. 8 to Skihütte and then follow nr. 17 which leads you to the cable car station.

Restaurants on the way: The Restaurant Plose La Finestra is located right next to the top station of the gondola lift. The Gasthof Geisler is only a hundred meters away. After 2km of hiking you get to the Rossalm. At Skihütte, there is the Berghotel Schlemmer. Please check opening times.

Peitlerkofel – Schlüterhütte

Continuation of the Dolomites Panoramic Trail to the huts on the “Halsl”, rise to the Peiterkofel and crossover to the Schülter hut. Tour with overnight stay in the hut. First stop of the Dolomites high level path ( Brixen – Feltre).

Information on the route

Height difference in ascent and descent:  ascent 1200m; descent 900m, distance 17 km; Routes n° 17, 17A and 4 of the Dolomites high level path 2, walking time return trip 7 hours