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Welcome to Mount Plose
Plose SummerHighlights
  • Mountaincarts


    Mountaincarts are similar to gocarts, without engine or pedals, and they just have brakes. It is a real adventure to rush down the 9 km long run to the bottom ...Read More »
  • Family route WoodyWalk

    Family route WoodyWalk

    This trail full of creative attractions is just right for children and grown-ups. Whether it is for a short time walking in the mountains or a day excursion with the ...Read More »
  • Adventure Trail Lorggen

    Adventure Trail Lorggen

    The story of these giants has survived to the present in the legendary tales and odysseys of the Alpine peoples, where they’re represented as mythological beings. Vestiges of these mythical ...Read More »
  • The Dolomites

    The Dolomites

    View the magnificent Dolomites up close – either on a leisurely hike or even during a sunrise experience. On Mount Plose you will be served the “most beautiful” mountains in ...Read More »
  • Brixen Bike Park

    Brixen Bike Park

    Brixen is the number one rewarding bike hotspot for mountain bikers south of the Brenner Pass. This is where town, country and flow meet sunny dispositions, clear weather from April ...Read More »
  • Guided Walks

    Guided Walks

    On the Plose with certified mountain and hiking guides. Guided hikes on the Plose every Tuesday from the beginning of June until mid of October. Our professional guides will be ...Read More »
  • Plose Looping

    Plose Looping

    The Eye on the Dolomites. Get on the bike and ride the looping of your life. Plose Looping is most probably the highest looping in the world: on a height ...Read More »
  • Geocaching


    The Plose is one of the best places for families who love Geocaching in the mountains. If you want to combine a great hiking day with some new caches, then ...Read More »
  • Great cinema on Mount Gabler

    Great cinema on Mount Gabler

    Sunrise hike on Mount Gabler. Experience an Unforgettable Adventure. Mount Gabler, or Mount Forca as it is also called, can be easily reached with the new Pfannspitz cable car in ...Read More »
  • Summer Events

    Summer Events

    In the course of the summer, there are several outdoor activities that focus on shared experience. Plenty of space and even more fresh air transform events into long-awaited experiences. If ...Read More »
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Residence Alpenrose
Residence Alpenrose

The Residence Alpenrose near St. Andrä offers a place to feel good, to recharge your batteries and to relax. All year round there is a lot to discover, for active holidaymakers on the ski slopes of the Plose and for nature lovers on an extensive hike in the middle of summer. The heart laughs in the fresh air and in the midst of untouched nature, body, mind and soul can recover from the stresses and strains of everyday life. A place to feel good with family Ellemunt

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