+++ the ski resort is closed +++
We will be back soon.
Last update 03/28 / 14:23
+++ the ski resort is closed +++
We will be back soon.
Last update 03/28 / 14:23
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The ski Resort is closed
Family and Children

Family holidays in Südtirol

The Plose is the ideal hiking area for families with children. It takes only a few minutes to reach the mountain with the gondola lift.

Children’s excitement goes up already on the Plose gondola lift itself with its great panoramic view on Brixen town and the Eisacktal valley. Once you have reached the 2050 meter of height, you have many different opportunities. The staff at the Infoshop will gladly help you in choosing the right program.

Mountaincarts family

WoodyWalk  – Fun for Kids and Adults, too

WoodyWalk is the best round hiking tour for families. Nan, granddad and mum with the children, everyone will enjoy himself. This path, adequate for small children, doesn’t only offer amazing views, but has also various attractions on its way as a giant sledge, millwheels, wooden telefones, a tree to climb on, Kneipp ponds and many others. WoodyWalk offers variety and entertainment for everybody.
At the Mountain Inn Rossalm you can take a rest, and, while mum and dad relax on the terrace, the small ones can enjoy themselves at the playground or on the Vikings’ ship.

Hikes for Families

There are other hikes that adapt very well to families. If you want, to can take part in one of the guided hikes that take place every Tuesday throughout the season. Please check our proposals on these sides or ask the staff at the Infoshop!  Here is a suggestion if you look for an alternative to the WoodyWalk: Start from the top station of the gondola lift Plose and hike for approx. 1 hour (plane or downward course) to the gondola lift Pfannspitz that takes you to a height of 2.500 m. Up there you get a great mountain-feeling – with the majestic Dolomites in front of you. Do not miss to take a rest on the sun terrace of the nearby Mountain Inn Pfannspitzhütte. From here you get back to the starting point in about 1 hour walking time (always downwards).

Tip: For the Plose hiking pin Kids even accept some longer hikes.

A really great Adventure for Families

If you are looking for something very special and unforgettable for you and your family, then the hike to the sunrise on Mount Gabler is the right choice for you. Walk for about 45 minutes still in the darkness and under a bright starry sky and witness a unique sunrise with a fantastic view on Mount Putia, the Odle Mountains of Eores and Funes and further away other peaks of the the Dolomites. For information and registration please get in contact with the local Tourist Office , Tel. +39 0472 836401

Mountaincarts and Scooters

Dash down the 9 km into the valley with this mountain go-karts. If you want to experience something really special and exciting, then you have to come to the Plose and try out the fantastic mountaincarts. You start at 2.050m a.s.l., right next to to the mountain station of the gondola lift. This way you also get a chance to take a few hours of relax on the sun terraces of the Restaurant La Finestra or even combine your adventure with a hike on the Plose. A good alternative to the mountaincarts are the scooters.

Watch out for the days when the mountaincarts are at disposal.


Take a bike and check out the new Bikepark. Two green and one red line are waiting for you. In addition, there is the Sky Line that takes you from the top station of the gondola lift Plose down all the way to the bottom station.

Families and friends hiking on the Plose