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Welcome to Mount Plose
Brixen Dolomites Marathon

On the Trail of the Mountain Marathon

The Brixen Dolomites Marathon is one of the most beautiful mountain runs of Europe.

The view at the Dolomites, the main chain of the alps and the view at the city Brixen fascinates all the participants and visitors. The spectacular mountain scenery, a 360° panoramic view at the finish make you forget all your efforts of the marathon. The run takes place each year at the end of June. For more information on the Brixen Dolomites Marathon click here.

Brixen Dolomites Marathon

Brixen Dolomites Marathon – © Brixen Tourismus

Trail Running

41,195 km and  2.340 m of altitude gain and the four relay phases are perfect external preconditions for Trail Runners. The first three relay phases are accessible by public transport (bus).

Trail Running 1 (relay route 1):

11,4 km from Brixen to the bottom station of the cable car Plose in St. Andrä (altitude gain 502 m). Public transport offered at the bottom station Plose.

Trail Running 2 (relay route 2):

7,8 km from St. Andrä to Afers (altitude gain 442 m). Public transport (bus) from Afers to Brixen.

Trail Running 3 (relay route 3):

14,5 km from Afers to the top station of the gondola lift (altitude gain 546 m). By gondola lift to the bottom station Plose. Public transport (bus) from Brixen to Afers.

Trail Running 4 (relay route 4):

8,495 km from the top station of the gondola lift to the finish at the Plose (altitude gain 400 m). From here you have to return on foot to the top station of the gondola lift (take the shortest hike, not necessarily the marathon route).

For more information on Trail Running click here.

Brixen Dolomites Marathon on the Plose

Brixen Marathon on the Plose – © Brixen Tourismus