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Last update 12/09 / 20:45
open slopes/lifts
Last update 12/09 / 20:45
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Bikeguides and Bike Schools

The Bike Schools offer a whole range of activities from May until October. You choose between bikecamps, workshops, tech trainings and the weekly program.

You love mountain biking and want to share this unique feeling with like-minded people? On our guided bike tours and events, bike enthusiasts from near and far come together to experience unforgettable bike adventures on the trails around Brixen.

Mountainbike adventure on the Plose

Bike adventures around Brixen – © Brixen Tourismus

Bike Schools

Contact: +39 0472 835 154 /
For details on bike packages please visit

Contact: +39 339 6445 548 /
For details on bike packages please visit

Bike Rental

Sportservice Erwin Stricker offers mountain bikes, freeride bikes, downhill bikes, e-bikes and e-bikes Fully with and without protective equipment for adults and children. Rental at the valley station and in the Infoshop at the mountain station.

Rent and Go – Sportservice Erwin Stricker
Tel. +39 0472 850077

Use of the equipment at your own risk.

Bike Shuttle

Drive Service – Shuttle with Trailer (8 people & 8 bikes)

+39 333 799 94 40 |

Respect is a matter of honour for every biker

Many of the farmers living on the slopes oft he Plose still work their meadows and woods. That’s why you all are asked to respect the work of these people by staying on the official bike trails. Especially during harvest time and when the cattle is out on the meadows, there is a certain risk. Please be aware and pay respect. Thank you!

Ride Fair

1. Riding the mountain-bike is at your own risk.
2. Only ride on indicated bike lines. Leaving marked bike lines leads to the withdrawal of the lift ticket.
3. A helmet is required for all riders in the Bikepark (full face helmet recommended). Wear appropriate clothing and protectors.
4. Your mountain-bike must be free of any technical faults. Use of Enduro-, Downhill-, Freeride- or All-Mountain Bike recommended.
5. Please follow the indications of the Bikepark staff as well as of all signs, including line closures.
6. At intersections between bike lines and paved roads art. 145 of the highway code is applied.
7. Respect other visitors, the land and the wildlife.
8. Absolute ban on alcohol.