Last update 23.10 / 10:01:51
Last update 23.10 / 10:01:51
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Opening ski area postponed
We care about you

We Care About You

The skiing area Plose is preparing for the winter season and will most probabely open on 7th January. In the meantime, we are working on meeting all expectations for carefree skiing pleasure on the slopes, for tobogganing fun and relaxed winter walks to the huts on Mount Plose huts at the moment of opening.

What you should know for your visit at Plose
The Plose wants to guarantee ski enthusiasts maximum peace of mind and safety during their holiday on the slopes of the Dolomites. We have put a great deal of effort and thought into developing a series of safety measures, taking account of all current regulations. The guiding principal for the coming winter season is “We Care About You.” Our aim is to underline that the Plose cares of its guests. The principals allow skiers to avoid queues at ticket sales points or gatherings. Because the Plose takes care of its customers.

Online ticketing and online reservation of the equipment

The Plose now features an online shop, which allows nearly every type of ski pass to be purchased online. The ski passes are then ready to be picked up at the valley station of the Plose gondola lift at the „pick-up box“ which is open around the clock. In addition, the ski equipment can be reserved online at Rent and Go – Sportservice Erwin Stricker, to guarantee a smooth start into the skiing day.

Holiday calendar

It is well known that during the ski season there are days and periods that are particularly busy. Based on historical data from the last five years, the Plose can supply the expected visitor frequencies for all days of the winter season in tabular form. In this way, the user can plan a holiday in such a way as to avoid the periods of greatest influx. Click here for more details.

Directions to the ski area

Use the public transport from Brixen and surroundings to the valley station of the Plose gondola lift. From 21.12. to 01.03., all rides from 8:21 to 11:21 of line 321 from Milland on weekends as well as on Christmas and carnival vacations will be extended by a second bus. In the case of more restrictive measures, all rides of the line will be extended.

The lifts of the Plose are cleaned and disinfected frequently.

Skiers Map
An innovative Skiers Map displays how busy the main lifts are at a specific the moment. By measuring the percentage of lift capacity used within a unit of time, the map allows the skier to decide when to use which lifts, and therefore avoid possible crowds.

Huts, bars and restaurants
Cordiality is a top priority in the restaurants on the Plose. Hospitality, a cosy atmosphere and safety are the characteristics of the huts on the Plose. In addition to the generally applicable regulations such as the protection of the respiratory tract, compliance with the minimum distance of 1 meter and regular disinfection, you will be welcomed by staff at the entrance. They will inform you about the additional safety precautions that each hut takes and will accompany you safely to your table. You can also make reservations in many places. So nothing stands in the way of a relaxed and safe stay on the Plose.

Ski Rental Rent and Go Sportservice Erwin Stricker
In addition to the generally applicable regulations such as protection of the respiratory tract, compliance with the minimum distance of 1 metre and regular disinfection of hands, the ski rental company will take other measures to ensure your safety. Rent and Go works with ozone disinfection inside its sales areas, which cleans all surfaces and rental equipment. There will also be a visitor management system to ensure that the capacity of the premises is not exceeded.

Skischool Plose
Skischool Plose has been your reliable partner for ski and snowboard courses for many years. Despite the coronavirus, the ski school will continue to work with great care and reliability. The safety concept plays a central role: – the ski school office is regularly disinfected and ventilated – wearing masks is compulsory in the office – all ski instructors are checked daily for their health status and regularly tested – the ski lifts are subject to the regulations of the operator In addition to the basic regulations such as the protection of the respiratory tract, compliance with the 1-meter minimum distance and regular disinfection of hands, the following applies to participants of the ski courses: – group sizes are adapted to the province’s security regulations – you can register for the courses in advance by phone, email or by registering outside the ski school office, so that the time in the offices is reduced – instead of full-day courses, there will be double courses, i.e., twice daily courses of 2 hours – there will be no full-day care for small children this year – the joint final race with awarding of prizes will be held in the respective course groups

Safety has the highest priority. These symbols help us to behave correctly on site, because none of the planned measures will be effective if the skiers themselves do not make their own contribution and follow the rules provided.

We are about you